Shake to lock – Android Play store App – Source code

Shake To Lock Screen:

Shake to lock is a beautiful application. If you are fed off using lock button and want some crazy stuff to do then your at correct place, yes this app allows you to lock the mobile screen using shaking the mobile. No need of lock button any more.

* Super App for professions and students.
* Lock button not working then install this app.
* Shake the mobile to predetermined length to lock the screen.
* Sensitivity can be controlled by You.
* A super UI.
* Fully materialized designed.

Android Compatibility Version:

Android 2.3+, yes it supports from 2.3 on wards.

Android Play Link:

Google Play Store Link

The good part for developers is this app is completely open sourced, yes source code is available at Github.

The link for Github: Shake To Lock Github Link.


If any question feel free to comment below. I’ll Open source all my application on Play store starting from today.

Thanks, Enjoy the app and enjoy coding.:)

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