Cassandra database data browser


This tutorial teaches you how to use Dev Center which is data browser for apache cassandra.

To setup apache cassandra follow the tutorial

Sandalone mode: Cassandra Standalone Mode

Cluster Mode: Cassandra Cluster Mode

To browse the data you can use command line line which is called cqlsh usnder bin folder, but if you graphical interface to view or write CQL you can use Dev Center by Datastax.

This tutorial will help you in using the Dev Center.

First download the Dev Center using below link

Dev Center Software Download

About Dev Center

Dev center is developed using open source eclipse only, so it will be very good if you know how to work with eclipse, if you don’t no also its not difficult also you can learn by using it.

After downloading just extract in some location and open it.

Open DevCenter.exe(I’m using windows, but the cassandra is running in centOS-linux)

When it loads it looks like this


If you want to connect to cassandra then select

File -> New -> Connection

Enter Connection name and enter host name or ip address where cassandra is running then click on add.

Then in left you will see the connection right click and select Open connection.

Now open New CQl Script file under File ->New

In this you can write CQL scripts.

Create Keyspace/table etc

you can use right Schema section to add keyspace or table.

I’ll show how to create table, believe me it’s very easy

First create keyspace and under that right click and create table.

and enter the details as below


Now you are good to go :)

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